Contracts and laws

It is important to set up a contract when you rent/sublease an apartment or a room. The contract should specify: the parties concerned (i.e. propriator and tenant), the rent, the rental period, funishing, garbage colleting etc.

If you would like us to priovide your with contract proposals in Swedish or English please send an e-mail to 

For a second hand contract to be valid approval must have been granted from the property owner or the co-operative housing board. In most cases approval in not needed when taking in a lodger. Usually, the rent should be paid on the last working day before each new month. If the tenant does not pay the rent, he/she risk being evicted.

It is also important that the rent is correct and not unreasonably high in relation to what is considered normal rent for a similar home in the same area. Since 1 February 2013 other rules apply for rentals in owned homes (co-operative apartments/owner apartments/villas); here the rent should be able to cover the reasonable cost of owning the home. If you suspect that your rent is too high, as a tenant, you can contact Hyresnämnden. 


If you are interested in Swedish housing laws follow the links below. Please note that the information will be in Swedish only.

The Tenancy Law

The Law regadring co-operative apartments

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The Law of Contract

The Law regarding subleasing of private residences

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