Information to prospective second hand tenants

It is important to be aware of your rights and obligations on the housing market, don't forget to check out our FAQ.

Unfortunately there are those who try to take advantage of a tough housing situation by trying to scam students looking for a place to live. We are constantly working to prevent fraudsters from using Hemma, but to avoid being tricked it’s also important that you stay alert and keep your wits about you.

Usual warning signs

• The landlord is abroad and not able to show the apartment
• Demands for large sums of deposit in advance
• Payment through Western Union or to a foreign bank account
• The landlord is pushing to complete the deal quickly
• The landlord doesn’t want to give you their real name or social security number

Good advice

• Ask for the landlord's full name, address and social security number
• Look up the address of the apartment online to make sure it exists
• Google the name and email address of the landlord, you might find warnings online
• Do not send personal information or ID, it can be used in other scams
• Never send any money before you have signed a contract and are sure that you have access to the apartment

Contact us

If you are a victim of a fraud, or you are uncertain if a prospective landlord is genuine or not, please get in contact with us. It is important for us to get information about fake ads or bad landlords - otherwise we can prevent them contacting other students.

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